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There has to be a livelier and encouraging space for experiments, everywhere in life. Experiments lead to innovation and that in turn leads to expression, experience and reflection. Films have always served as intimate layers of our consciousness that help us experience what we want to and also, what we did not even know, exists. 

For such a powerful medium, to be restricted to genres is highly limiting. The genre of ‘experimental films’ transcends in those lanes and by-lanes of our mind and heart, where it’s difficult to give it one clear category or mood. Isn’t that the most tickling space for all of us?

Making experimental films is however, tricky. Very tricky. If you are reading this, you know it anyways! 

But is ‘experimental’ a genre that suits your personality? 

Badrinath Sabat has valuable insights to figure this part out.

- What type of film-makers can make experimental films?

- How to really define ‘experimental film’ 

- What is the market for this space today?

- Important resources to keep in mind

- About Badrinath’s journey 

Topics Covered


- Networking opportunity with Badrinath Sabat

- Access to pitch for Guest and Host’s collective network in distribution, finance and team building 

- A chance to present your film to a larger film-makers collective for your intended purpose

Additional Benifits





Badrinaath Sabat is an Indie-Filmmaker, Author, Screenwriter & founder of the Mumbai Indie-Film Society, Taglab Script Lab & Dustbin Ideas Production House. He is the founder of the Mumbai Indie-film Society .Where he leads hundreds of filmmakers and raises their voices. He made this platform with the support of Sriram Raghavan, Kamal Swaroop, Navdeep Singh & Anand Gandhi. He also the founder of Taglab Script Market, an uniquely designed Script-Lab project. Anurag Kashyap, Sriram Raghavan, Hansal Mehta trio participated in Badrinaath ‘s Taglab Project.

Badrinaath Sabat

Indie-Filmmaker, Author, Screenwriter & founder of the Mumbai Indie-Film Society, Taglab Script Lab & Dustbin Ideas Production House.



Match My [Talent] was born out of our Founder Sonia Choksi’s desire to organize a mostly chaotic industry; an industry that is supposed to give wings to people’s creative expression.

But as the CoVid crisis set in, and as the world started functioning virtually, some connecting dots got left behind. Foreground Forum came in to reconnect those dots. Foreground Forum became a space, that enabled that important dialogue to continue.

Sonia Swaroop Choksi

Co- Founder, CEO 
Match My [Talent]
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In the ordinary hustle and bustle of the entertainment industry,  let's hear it from the star of event industry about their journey and processes.
Foreground Forum brings to you the journey of these extraordinary men and women. 

Connect with us if you're one of them or looking out for one of them. 

A 90-mins discussion live streamed on our social media and foreground forum. We aim to connect to the lives of the game-changers of the media & entertainment industry through the most interactive and improvised platform for the new normal- A VIRTUAL ECOSYSTEM.

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