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by Match My [Talent]

World Performing Arts Group
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Feb 20

WPAG Introduction 

Introducing the global virtual ecosystem for contextual visibility, direct contact, virtual concerts and performances (Sonia Swaroop Choksi)

Artists' Collaboration in Virtual Film Festival (Rain Cuaca)

Respect for the Art (James McGarry)

Terry Hyde's Talk

Positive Side of Suffering and The Power of Transformative Thinking (Beatrice Bernstein)

Why the World Needs More High Quality Trained Performers and HOW We Can Achieve it (Jorge Crecis (TWV))

How to Elevate Free and Low Cost Streaming Platform for the Audience Engagement (Andrew Kurcan)

How to Successfully Tune into the Bodies' Natural Energy Centers to Cultivate Care, Kindness, Compassion AND Achieve Your Goals (Corrina Haas)

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