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Virtual Team Meeting

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In the ordinary hustle and bustle of the entertainment industry,  let's hear it from the star of event industry about their journey and processes.
Foreground Forum brings to you the journey of these extraordinary men and women. 

Connect with us if you're one of them or looking out for one of them. 

A 90-mins discussion live streamed on our social media and foreground forum. We aim to connect to the lives of the game-changers of the media & entertainment industry through the most interactive and improvised platform for the new normal- A VIRTUAL ECOSYSTEM.

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An Expanding Virtual Streaming Ecosystem:
Learning & Growing Together

Foreground LIVE

In Virtual Streaming, like most other ventures, we started out small. Needless to say, it took a lot of trials. Lots of misfires.

Which still happen, by the way. But finally, we grasped it. Thanks to perseverance, support, and of course, a determination to see through. After conducting numerous national and global virtual events, we are now offering a LIVE virtual streaming platform for other businesses and ventures. 

Our offerings:

     •    Manage content customization for speakers and audience as required

     •    Optimum branding, visibility, and numbers for sponsors 

     •    Registrations & notifications, ticketing (if any), and complete live stream for events with/without hosts for:​​

1. Music concerts – Live & recorded

2. Cultural Festivals 

3. Comedy shows

4. Theatrical performances 

5. Workshops with a quiz

6. Virtual Keynotes 

7. Live interviews & fireside chats

recorded video
Match My Talent

Talent and platform partner Match My [Talent]


Match My [Talent] is a problem solver for people in art, culture, media & entertainment who are either performing artists or those work with them. We are especially great for those who feel the need for a better network, a network that can expand over a couple of minutes, is secure and has no strings attached. We love that approach and keep all services wrapped in it! 

Foreground Forum, is one such service from us and for everything else, like:
- Search & direct connectivity with performing artists across all genres and locations
- Posting and access jobs & auditions in art & entertainment 
- Collaborations of one artist with another
- Expanding your artists network and being at the top of it, artist managers 
- Creating task for requirements where you need more than one person 
- Listing events and leveraging our rich network of right audience 
- Accessing democratic news and view of insiders 
- Posting questions and answering them because only the right community can
…and more

Join us here and explore!

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