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Live Discussion with Miind My Miind | FOREGROUND FORUM
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Foreground Forum, in partnership with Malhaar Global Virtual Short Film Festival, brings to you yet another exciting Webinar on one of the featured themes of Malhaar - “Mental Health”. 


This newest debate and discussion named “Looking Back: The Life of an Adult, Remote-controlled by Childhood”, will be monitored by Gurrit Kaur Sethi, Founder of MIINDMYMIIND, and Jaspreet Kaur Bhatia, a Neuro-Psychology Coach & NLP Facilitator for MIINDMYMIIND.

Foreground Forum is privileged to host MIINDMYMIIND a holistic and available-to-all mental health and well-being service ecosystem, as a Sessions Partner for the exclusive webinar.

Join for an insightful conversation about the correlations between childhood experiences and adult behaviors



Gurrit Kaur Sethi


Gurrit is a transformational leader, specialising in enabling and maximising change benefits in business operations. She is an adept practitioner of disruptive problem-solving.


An innovative thinker, with an experience of over 23 years in Healthcare and Telecom,  she contributes to healthcare by helping providers build better businesses, operational efficiencies and develop concepts. She also strives to contribute socially through various forums discussing sustainable health initiatives.  She started her career from the ground level, working her way up to the lead position and setting up different healthcare businesses. In her words, her significant achievements have been in bringing to life different SMEs and SBUs, which signify a change in the Indian healthcare scenarios.


With over 20  years in healthcare under her belt, across different healthcare verticals, she has carried systemic changes in the projects she has led, four of which were early-stage start-ups. Gurrit is an avid traveller and voracious reader of varied genres, a quality she says, provides her with incisive insights about people and systems and what actually drives them.

Jas Photo.JPG


Neuro-Psychology Coach & NLP Facilitator, MIINDMYMIIND

A Neuro-Psychologist in Coaching and Training Facilitating Transformation & Personal Mastery for Organisations, Teams & Groups and Individuals

Jas comes with an overall experience of 15 years in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Coaching, Intervention & Change Work, Behavioural Training and Sales & Marketing. Her partners include sportspeople, entrepreneurs, senior management, decision-makers, PSUs and Multinationals.

She has been an effective agent of change for over half a million people, accelerating their progress to achieve their maximum potential and in turn, enrich their lives using NLP, Transpersonal Psychology and Management tools. She has facilitated and coached clients from various industries ranging from manufacturing to IT.

Her Mantra of ‘Engineer Your Genius’ provides her coaches/ participants with simple tools and transformational conversations that lead to an opportunity for performance at the highest level.



Match My [Talent] was born out of our Founder Sonia Choksi’s desire to organize a mostly chaotic industry; an industry that is supposed to give wings to people’s creative expression.

But as the CoVid crisis set in, and as the world started functioning virtually, some connecting dots got left behind. Foreground Forum came in to reconnect those dots. Foreground Forum became a space, that enabled that important dialogue to continue.

Sonia Swaroop Choksi

Co- Founder, CEO 
Match My [Talent]
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