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Match My [Talent]

 Live discussion on global resources for the arts community

Stay Ahead of the Industry

Feb 20

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM GMT

6:00 PM - 10:00 PM IST

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Link activates 15 mins before event time

Speakers (Alphabetical order followed)


Andrew Kurcan Speaker photo.jpg


Andrew Stephenson Kurcan 

Andrew Stephenson Kurcan is a Multimedia Producer and Creative Director who partners with corporate and artistic non-profit sector clients to create exciting, purposeful content.

After spending over two decades working on projects spanning the film, television, radio, and corporate realms, Andrew works as a Producer of Media & Creative at Encore Global Production Group, and runs StudioKurcan, a boutique creative production studio in Las Vegas, NV. He serves as the Creative Director for Vegas City Opera, and assists Opera on Tap Las Vegas with creative media needs. 

In addition to his extensive technical and creative production background, Andrew is a classically and jazz-trained musician, holding a Master of Music in Trombone Performance from the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver. He is composed of 95% iced coffee, 5% other natural flavors, and stardust.

WPAG Speaker Panel
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Alexa Young, CA


Beatrice Bernstein

Beatrice is a London based Mind-Body Wellbeing Coach, Dancer, Dance Teacher, Choreographer, and Actor with a career spanning over two decades as well as the mother of a young daughter. She has undertaken multidisciplinary training courses that include GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness

and Life Coaching. Beatrice’s bespoke mind-body wellbeing sessions and gyrotonic/gyrokinesis sessions take an integrative approach and are conducted in person at Golborne Place, Notting Hill, London, UK and/or over Zoom. Utilising a combination of elements from the numerous holistic healing trainings she has completed

over the past 20 years; Beatrice helps her clients attain optimum results. She has witnessed that the effects of her multidisciplinary approach are that clients benefit from lasting positive physical and emotional changes, and experience desired mental shifts. She offers support for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, Stress Management, Career Support, Career Transition Coaching, Young Person Mentoring, Professional Mentoring,

Life Coaching, and Family Support. As a Mentor and Multi-Disciplinary Professional Coach, she guides her clients in clarifying their focus, directing their intentions, and finding self-empowerment to aid them in manifesting their goals and dreams. Based on her own healing journey experience, Beatrice strongly believes that movement, a positive mindset, and accessing one’s own unlimited life energy has infinite power to heal and to create the life one wishes to experience. She is committed to helping others to nurture a healthy, balanced relationship in body, mind, and spirit. Beatrice is experienced working with clients from diverse backgrounds but has a special passion for helping fellow artists from all disciplines. 


She is a graduate of the North Carolina School of the Arts and did her BA studies at Saint Mary’s College of California, LEAP Program. Currently, Beatrice is a Leverhulme Arts Scholar in the MFA Creative Practice Programme at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. She has danced for such companies as the Washington Ballet, Orlando Ballet, the Metropolitan Opera Ballet and Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern, and as a guest artist with the English National Ballet. Since 2018, Beatrice has loved being part of The Playground Community at Rambert as a dancer, choreographer, and mind-body wellbeing practitioner and was honoured to have been part of The Playground’s Rambert Live 2019 (BBC #DancePassions). She is delighted that TWV meets The Playground was created as an innovative virtual environment that has allowed this beautiful collaborative concept to expand globally. Beatrice also works in film and television. Her favourite recent projects include Goodbye Christopher Robin, as a featured dancer and as a choreographic assistant to Caroline Pope, Tomb Raider, The Darkest Hour, and as a dancer and choreographer on The Durrells Season 3. Beatrice is also the Founder of The Healthy Young Dancer Project (THYDP); a global, inclusive, safe-space community that supports optimal mental and physical health, wellbeing and elite performance for dancers and artistic performers of all ages and genres. THYDP also offers support and networking opportunities for members and their families worldwide via social media. Additionally, Beatrice is proud to be a member of the International Dance Council CID, Equity, IADMS, One Dance UK, and the World Performing Arts Group.

Beatrice Bernstein_Headshot Color.jpg


Photo Credit: Urban Ruths


Cherry Pie Calanoc





Corinne Haas

Intuitive coach and healer based in San Francisco, Corinne has focused her private practice on empowering women to transform and grow through her love, curiosity, and study of the healing arts. Her business, Transformational Coaching for Women, infuses practical coaching skills with deep intuitive guidance for personalized sessions that connect her clients to the heart of their challenges, alongside actionable goals for success. A main source of inspiration for her work comes from her life as a professional ballet dancer with Alonzo King LINES Ballet. She has written a book, Mindfulness for Dancers, that has been featured in Dance Teacher and Dance Magazine, alongside an article on visualization to help aid young dancers in the audition process. She has taught workshops based on her Artistry Workbook for the pre-professional dancers at LINES Ballet, Dominican College, and Mills College. Her most recent focus is on creating a site dedicated to Mindfulness and Healing for Dancers to address the importance of self care and personal empowerment through integrative holistic tools. Corinne’s qualifications and background training include Coaches Training Institute, St Mary’s College LEAP Program B.A, Aesclepion and Intuitive Vision Clairvoyant Program, BodyTalk Method Parama Level, Certified MassageTherapist, Licensed Esthetician, Reiki Master, and studies with healers in both the Philippines and India. She has a daily meditation and kundalini yoga practice, which helps to keep her calm and centered to enjoy time with her family.

Jorge Crecis (TWV)

A choreographer with a PhD. An athlete’s mind in a dancer’s body

Author of the book: Designing Presence: Entering Towards Vivencia.

Jorge holds a degree in Sport Sciences and studied contemporary dance at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid. After working as a professional dancer for different companies throughout Europe, he became a full-time lecturer at London Contemporary Dance School (The Place) for four years. Currently, Jorge is an award winning choreographer commissioned by companies such as: Scottish Dance Theatre (UK), Beijing 9 Contemporary Dance Theatre (China), Acosta Danza (Cuba), among others. 

In 2018, he obtained his PhD degree from Goldsmiths University of London. For the last 20 years, Jorge has been working to crack the secret of how to replicate altered states of consciousness using neurosciences, anthropology and phenomenology. The result is a cutting-edge methodology that he shares through workshops and a one of a kind training: Towards Vivencia. 





james photo.jpg


James McGarry

James Megarry is an LCM [Musical Theatre] Graduate, and Co-Founder of WPAG; with over 30 years’ of community arts volunteering experience. He has performed in the Midlands Symphony Chorus at Birmingham Symphony Hall’s West End and Broadway Gala; and Boublil and Schonberg’s World Premiere of One Day More. His community work includes International Dance Festival Birmingham [England] for 2010, 2012, and 2016; and 30 years’ volunteering in over 60 musicals, for the resident theatre company of Number 8 Community Arts Centre. His interest in the arts is wide ranging; from singing with Colla Voce (choir) Worcester, to earning blue-yellow and yellow belts in the Brazilian art of Capoeira via Grupo Renascer and Oficina da Capoeira.  He is also an active community arts volunteer.

Tomorr Kokona



Rain Cuaca

Consultant in psychology and social research by day, festival director and film programmer by night (and weekends and sometimes on weekdays, too). 


My interest in cinema, diversity, mental health and diversity lead me to co-found 100% Manusia Film Festival in 2017, a film festival focusing on human rights issues in Indonesia. I feel that film has its own language and is a great medium where we can see that diversity exists but also can find a common ground for empathy towards other people’s journey. 

Rain Cuaca Speaker photo.jpg





Speaker Login

Sonia Swaroop Choksi 

I am interested in people and their lives. I like to resolve complexities.

It's with this interest of mine that I am an entrepreneur along with being a filmmaker. Both consciously and subconsciously, I develop businesses and films that take up an issue and work on it till its simplified.

My current businesses are - Match My [Talent], goDiscover Interactions and White Canvas Films.

Terry Hyde 

My proactive Mental Health, Self-Care Workshops are created for performing arts students from the age of 13 through to professional performers. They are also suitable for those working with dancers; dance teachers, physical therapists, dance science students and also the parents of students.

The workshops can be presented in person, via videolink and new for 2021, recorded talks

Participants will learn techniques to help them become mentally fitter and emotionally stronger, giving you greater resilence and awareness of the importance of this type of self-care.

The talks cover ways to recognise mental health symptoms, such as anxiety, and how they relate to performers by looking at typical underlying factors and triggers, e.g. rejection.  Break-out groups allow attendees to explore subjects including their relationship with food, perfectionism, social media influences and body image to enable them to see if these issues are affecting them.

Terry Hyde.jpg



WPAG Schedule


Feb 20

WPAG Introduction (Cherry P. Calanoc

Introducing the global virtual ecosystem for contextual visibility, direct contact, virtual concerts and performances (Sonia Swaroop Choksi)

Artists' Collaboration in Virtual Film Festival (Rain Cuaca)

Performers’ Mental Health (Terry Hyde MA MBACP

Changing Perceptions of the Arts (James McGarry)

How to become the spotlight in ARTS (Part 1) (Tomorr Kokona)

Positive Side of Suffering and The Power of Transformative Thinking (Beatrice Bernstein)

Why the World Needs More High Quality Trained Performers and HOW We Can Achieve it (Jorge Crecis (TWV))

How to Elevate Free and Low Cost Streaming Platform for the Audience Engagement (Andrew Kurcan)

empower yourself with 3 holistic tools to ignite your creativity and cultivate your unique gifts (Corrine Haas)

Winter Webinar Organizers

james photo.jpg

Jamess McGarrry

Co-Founder of WPAG, conceiving and planning the winter webinar to deliver on the purpose of WPAG.


Sonia Swaroop Choksi

Co-Founder of Match My [Talent], providing the virtual platform, outreach and planning of the event.


Yuliani Supandji

Active member of World Performing Arts Group (WPAG). 
A committed and experienced freelance Event Coordinator, Writer and Philanthroper with a demonstrated history of working in the events services/ arts industry. A semi-solitary person, but a quick learner who can absorb new ideas with lucid and effective outcome. Passionate in arts, traveling and languages. 
Together with Sonia Swaroop Choksi and James McGarry, she developed existing ideas and managed the WPAG Projects.

WPAG Organisers

Event Partners

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World Performing Arts Group

World Performing Arts Group

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Virtual Streaming Ecosystem:
Foreground LIVE


We all started virtual streaming together in March – April of 2020, with the same tools, doing almost the same things. Yet some virtual shows experience distinctly different from most others, isn’t it? 

The reason is layered into human intervention, choice and optimum usage of applications and of course the eye and ear to innovation and perfection. Match My [Talent], having done plenty of its own national and global virtual events is happy to offer the same solution to a selected few that we can do more justice to. 

•    Manage the show’s customisation for speakers and         audience as required
•    Optimum branding, visibility and numbers for sponsors 
•    Registrations & notifications, ticketing (if any) and complete live stream for events with / without hosts for:
o    Music concerts – Live & recorded
o    Cultural Festivals 
o    Comedy shows
o    Theatrical performances 
o    Workshops with quiz
o    Virtual Keynotes 
o    Live interviews & fireside chats 
o    Webinars 
Happy to connect & discuss your project!

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WPAG About
Exploring Nature

World Performing Arts Group

World Performing Arts Group was created to inspire and empower its members and audiences, by being a positive driving force for the wider community. Together, we can sustain the performing arts development and its related approaches as a fundamental way of life.

World Performing Arts Group seeks to bring together individuals, organisations and anyone involved directly or indirectly in the performing arts industry to share knowledge, experience and provide support for quality performing arts creation, development and delivery worldwide.

Through this group, we aim to enhance performing arts provisions, provide the much needed support and increase our sense of community as an international and diverse group of people.

Talent and platform partner Match My Talent.



Webinars & Technology for new normal times


20th Feb



Match My [Talent] 


A problem solver for people in art, culture, media & entertainment who are either performing artists or those work with them.

We are especially great for those who feel the need for a better network, a network that can expand over a couple of minutes, is secure and has no strings attached. We love that approach and keep all services wrapped in it! 


Foreground Forum, is one such service from us and for everything else, like:
1.    Search & direct connectivity with performing artists across all genres and locations
2.    Posting and access jobs & auditions in art & entertainment 
3.    Collaborations of one artist with another
4.    Expanding your artists network and being at the top of it, artist managers 
5.    Creating brackets or task for requirements where you need more than one person or need to search for that one person like           a needle in the hay
6.    Listing events and leveraging our rich network of right audience 
7.    Accessing democratic news and view of insiders 
8.    Posting questions and answering them because only the right community can
       …and more

    Join us here and explore!

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